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  • The Flower Shop

    by Hugh Quinn

    Beautiful blossoms flourish in the front of the Florería Roma--
    but dangerous plans are blooming in the back room.

    Harry, an un-employed American newspaper reporter, comes to Mexico to have a good time. He wants to see the sights, play golf, go fishing, and hit the beach. His first night in Mexico City he has dinner with Rosa, a blue-eyed blonde Mexican girl, and he stumbles on a body in the back of the restaurant. From then on, he and Rosa are forced to fight for their... more

  • The German Club

    by patrick oster
    If you ask people why the Berlin Wall came down so unexpectedly, those who remember those days might tell you it was because of President Ronald Reagan’s famous “tear down this wall” speech. Many forget that address took place more than two years before Germans put sledgehammers and pick axes to the cement barrier as the beginning act of their reunification. Now, after a quarter of a century has passed, a story has begun to circulate about what really happened. It’s a tale of a mysterious group ... more
  • The Hunting Dog

    by Louis Powell
    Tim Lichten takes a leasing job with an older mall in a small Georgia town. There, he meets colorful local characters and tainted business owners. He first learns of their shady backgrounds then something more sinister. Tim is trapped in a web from which escape seems impossible. The picture in his mind is clear: he may be next to die as he knows too much. And yet, there is something missing in a labyrinth of lies. He must find the truth and escape. When Tim learns what actually happened , the tr... more
  • Creature Storms

    by Ron Clinton Smith
    A WW ll and Korean War pilot and hero, a patriotic, middle American farmer who’d trusted his government with two sons in Vietnam, and been betrayed in that, after having his farm largely con-trolled by his government all his life, is in jeopardy of losing his homestead of 150 years. After his death, his sons scramble to hold onto the farm and make sense of all this and each other. A seed that Deke, the middle of three sons, and Barrett, his friend had brought back from Vietnam seventeen years ... more
  • The Summer You Slept on Glass

    by D. A. Deans

    Johnny Styvers and Seth Kogan are childhood friends—glued together by an inseparable bond and oath. But when Johnny’s mother mysteriously disappears, Seth’s parents demand he distance himself from the Styvers. This sparks a downward spiral for Johnny.

    Now seventeen, Johnny’s gut pushes him to seek out Seth. As their friendship realigns, they find themselves on a road where family and strangers unearth a shocking revelation about the disappearance of his mother.... more

  • Red Tape

    by Michele LynnSeigfried
  • The Protocol: A Prescription to Die

    by John P. Goetz
    The Protocol, A Prescription to Die is a startlingly prophetic medical thriller by John P. Goetz and is the latest page turner in his Eat Teague novel series. John P. Goetz’s medical suspense thriller has been described as, “Ayn Rand meets Dean Koontz at a Twilight Zone gathering with Michael Crichton, Stephen King, and Robin Cook.” The Protocol, A Prescription to Die poses the questions, “What if the government assigned value to individuals and controlled whether a person could live or die?”... more
  • The Bloodline Artifacts

    by Howie Erickson
    The Bloodline Artifacts, a cross-genre novel in the style of Dan Brown and Clive Cussler, takes you on an adventure through history and into the present to answer questions about mankind’s origin. The story begins with a divorced father trying to maintain a connection to his young son. When Kurt Sigurdson takes his son, Robby, on a dune buggy trip to southeastern California, they make a strange discovery, and Robby activates mysterious artifacts located around the world. But others are w... more
  • Here Lies Buried

    by Cathy Ann Rogers
    History! Mystery! Murder! Looking for family among strangers, a woman finds that seeking out distant relatives can be deadly and that some Arizona mysteries are better left buried! PILAR SAGASTA steps into a world of cunning deception when she travels to Arizona to connect with her late grandfather's sister, Virginia. Eager for details of their Mexican history before the family fled the political turbulence in 1916, Pilar realizes quickly that she made a mistake. Far from the loving rela... more
  • Solana del Mar

    by Steve Marsh
    Solana del Mar, a novel, by Steve Marsh **** Nothing leaves Solana but the hangover. The party starts at “high” noon in the island tropics of Belize until Sander and MarJean stumble on a smuggling cartel led by an Anglo-Caribbean banker and a shadowy arms trader hiding somewhere on exotic Albacore Caye...Chaos erupts when a thieving monkey makes off with Sander’s priceless gold doubloon, the key to an ancient Spanish hoard... more
  • The Second Coming: A Love Story

    by Scott Pinsker
    Courting controversy of Biblical proportions, The Second Coming: A Love Story is the new novel by Scott Pinsker that dares to ask: How well do YOU know God? And how well do you know evil? In this fast-paced theological thriller, two holy men with supernatural powers each claim to be the Second Coming of Christ. Each claims the other is Satan. But only one is telling the truth. The first messiah attracts legions of liberal and secular-progressive followers with his message of New Age bro... more
  • The Upshot

    by Brad Spencer
    As children, Sam McElroy, Holly Karlan, and Jimmer Cuddy were inseparable. Growing up on the same block, the trio became best friends. All three seemed on the cusp of bright futures. But their indelible bond unraveled after a tragic incident during their teen years. Forced to keep a secret that changes who they are, the friends travel down unintentional paths, riddled with guilt and shame. They are weakened emotionally by the tragic event of the past and conflicted about how to ultimately ave... more
  • Stray Bullet

    by Simon Duringer
    A police detective wakes up in a hospital bed with a bullet wound to the chest and an impaired memory. Told he’s a hero, somehow he doesn’t feel heroic despite saving the Vatican envoy’s life… When his parents are killed in a car accident, Jack Shaw’s devastation leads him down a path of self destruction; until an unconventional friend comes knocking and lures him into a world where he can learn to live again whilst exorcising his inner demons… As Jack and Harvey’s paths cross, a dark secret... more
  • An Accidental Abduction: A Katy Byrd Novel

    by Roderick Cyr
    Katy Byrd enjoys her small town life in Lakesburg, MN, but yearns to make a difference. When she decides to join her church on a mission trip to Morocco, Katy hopes God uses the experience to transform her ordinary life. But when local terrorists kidnap her, life turns upside-down for Katy and thrusts her into a harrowing scenario that’s far from routine. Now she must confront circumstances far more challenging and severe than anything she faced back home. Worse, her survival appears to rest ent... more
  • The Mortal Religion - A Disturbing Psychological Thriller

    by Marc Horn
    Chalk Cutter was spitefully nicknamed Moonface as a child, and lives a life of torment and isolation because of his unusual appearance. When young, popular and beautiful Elizabeth openly ridicules him, Chalk has had enough, and he realises that only a revolution could induce change. He kidnaps Elizabeth, intending to re-educate her - and ultimately mankind - in an attempt to lead a narcissistic society to treat all people as equal. But Chalk hadn’t anticipated his own emotional backlash... more
  • Persona - A Disturbing Psychological Thriller

    by Marc Horn
    You married her or him, did this and that. They were your choices. Any regrets? Ryan won’t have any. He’s going to try a lot of things now while he’s young, just to see if he likes them. Voyeurism, gay sex, murder... something’s got to feel right. Best friend Dave is watching his back. He’s level-headed and fretful, so it’s not easy to do. Especially when he learns Ryan’s created different personas to achieve his objectives, and believes some of them are actually real. Dave will disc... more