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  • Atheisaurus

    by Andrew Cahill
    Two time travelling aliens, Bjorn and Zorn, witness the destruction of the Earth in 2032. They travel in time to collect a little band of misfits, to help them save humanity from itself. The laid back, Ptoni The Pteranodon, the Ladylike, Florence The Jersey Cow, the excitable, Penelope The Penguin, and the Chicken Nugget obsessed Dax the Maine Coon Cat, set off an adventure that sees them cross the galaxy and back again. Their adventure is filled with drama, fun and chaos. The local driv... more
  • B00SLIOVH6

    by John P. Logsdon
    File One from the hilarious Lassiter Files comedy series! Lassiter is an elite assassin who consistently strives for perfection. Unfortunately, he also has a soft spot for lost causes, and that lands him with a brand new employee who is making life challenging. After learning that his next mark has already met his maker, Lassiter snags a job that ends him up with an unexpected fugitive that puts his ship on the radar of the Feds. More concerning, though, is that she also lands them in th... more
  • B00QXFNB9I

    by John P. Logsdon
    Kat is the head of a group of galactic thieves swept up in a race to capture an item known as The Relic. If her team succeeds, they get a permanent spot on the payroll of one of the largest corporations around. That's a dream to kill for. Laender is a man with a troubled mind. After stumbling across an ancient artifact, he began a quest to find the meaning of life. He believes that the only way to achieve his goal is by studying the eyes of those he kills. When their two paths collide, K... more
  • B00MJEWA6W

    by John P. Logsdon
    Mission 5 from the hilarious Platoon F comedy series! After a close call in the year 2440 at the planet called "Earth," the crew of The SSMC Reluctant makes a quick escape back to their home of Segnal. However, Geezer didn't have time to set the clock on the GONE Drive to return them back to their own era, and things have changed greatly in the Segnal System over the past 500 years. The system is ruled by Synthetic Lifeforms now, and they find humans and standard robots an affront to their... more
  • B00MJHKUK2

    by John P. Logsdon
    Mission 4 from the hilarious Platoon F comedy series! After their last mission, the Segnal Space Marine Corps (SSMC) saw the value of the GONE Drive. The ability to move through space in a blink of an eye would be highly appealing to any military body, but specifically to Rear Admiral Parfait who has a bit of a thing for military bodies. Parfait sets a mission in place where The SSMC Reluctant must go to one of the planets that they briefly landed on during their last mission: Earth. Parfa... more

    by John P. Logsdon
    Mission 3 from the hilarious Platoon F comedy series! A space probe that was sent out 500 years ago has returned...sort of. It's actually a copy of the original model of The SSMC Voyeur, which begs the question: What happened to the original craft? The crew of The SSMC Reluctant is dispatched to learn about the originating planet that sent this cloned vehicle. And, if Rear Admiral Conster gets his way, they're also to blow the entire planet that it came from to smithereens. Unfortunatel... more
  • B00L193QXW

    by John P. Logsdon
    Mission 2 from the hilarious Platoon F comedy series! A group of antiquated robots have decided that they've had enough of being treated like second-class citizens. Working together, they take over the sewage plant on Segnal Prime and start pumping the sludge back up into the buildings. Seeing that this is bordering on a terrorist-level attack, Platoon F is sent in to regain control of the situation. Captain Don Harr and his team of misfit androids (the special operations unit in the Se... more
  • B00H8TBMR6

    by John P. Logsdon
    Paulie is a Vampire who went through the daily grind of life until a fateful day when a newly infected Werewolf landed on his doorstep. Now Paulie has to help the poor fellow navigate through the Underworld in order to get to the land of Yezan, which is the home of the Werewolves. They soon find out that there is more to this journey than they'd anticipated. In addition to standard travel woes, an assassin is hot on their trail and he wants nothing more than to intercept them before they c... more
  • B00F1EREBS

    by John P. Logsdon
    Whizzfiddle the wizard has to find a quest, get it contracted, and finish it to the letter within 30 days or he'll lose his guild membership status, meaning he'll have to actually work for a living. At the perpetual age of 650, this is really no longer an option. After interviewing countless people who are looking for a wizard to quest with, Whizzfiddle all but gives up. But then one last questing party arrives, and they're the oddest bunch he's seen in a long time--and being a wizard in the ... more
  • B00JWUOWP8

    by John P. Logsdon
    Mission 1 from the hilarious Platoon F comedy series! Lieutenant Orion Murphy is scheduled for execution due to a clerical error. His only out is to undergo a complete physical makeover, get a rank and name change, and agree to take over a new platoon in the Segnal Space Marine Corps (SSMC). Seeing that it's a case of comply or die, he accepts the offer. A week later, he finds himself standing on the bridge of The SSMC Reluctant with a misfit crew, an insane special agent, an antiquated... more
  • B00KKS2QAE

    by John P. Logsdon
    Terry Pratchett meets Isaac Asimov - Amazon Bestselling co-authors John P. Logsdon and Christopher P. Young take comedy and satire and mix it with a futuristic, multi-species corporate space station full of Mechanicans (the politically correct term for "robots") that have found religion. Prime Adam Dresker leads the charge. Heading up the crew of the Intergalactic Research Bureau (the investigative branch that handles all major security for the Conglomerated Conglomeration of Planets, or CCOP... more
  • The Robusta Incident

    by Jennifer Fales
    The Robusta Incident. Because office culture was just dying to be parodied, and nothing says zombie apocalypse quite like a good cup of coffee: When Howard Danishefsky, a chemist at a soulless international coffee conglomerate, is pushed beyond his limits one time too many by mindless corporate culture and his boss and ex-lover, the tight skirted Office Mussolini, Melinda Carpenter, he decides it's finally time to live up to a lifelong evil genius complex. What better way to do it, than by addin... more
  • Adumbrate

    by Liz Lindstrom
    The High King and Queen of the Elves have received terrible news regarding their future. Before they can recover, they are visited by their planet's guardian with word that a prominent figure in interplanetary peace has gone missing.
  • Sortilege

    by Liz Lindstrom
    Struggling against a female-dominated society, twin assassins convince their human queen to hunt for the missing Star Queen. On a neighboring planet, an elf searches for meaning in the strange signs that have suddenly appeared to her. Traveling with her companion - tall, green and part plant - their scholarly goals quickly become a riskier gamble. The second installment in The Empyrean Series, Sortilege is an epic fantasy novel about interplanetary alliances, magic, betrayal and an unimaginable ... more
  • Dyad

    by Liz Lindstrom
    In a society dominated by women, Evi is forced to leave her life behind as she flees from threatening consequences. Hoping the stories of hating humans are wrong, she seeks the land of fairies for refuge.
  • The Toucan Trilogy (Three dystopian novels: Night of the Purple Moon, Colony East, and Generation M)

    by Scott Cramer
    A purple moon was just the beginning. . . Dust from a passing comet turns the moon purple, but also carries a lethal pathogen that attacks the hormones produced during puberty. Within hours, older teens and adults are dead. Thirteen-year-old Abby Leigh must help her brother Jordan and baby sister Toucan survive in the terrifying new world. Battling against hunger and violent gangs, Abby is helpless against the biggest threat of all, the time bomb that is her adolescence.