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  • Revivification of Wynter

    by Dennis Sanchez

    A young man seeking solitude where he can spend time to contemplate when or if ever to remove his incapacitated wife from life support agrees to stay at his uncle’s cabin at a summer mountain resort now closed for the winter.  Although he is aware that a small group of residents remain in the village year round at the north end of the frozen lake, it was his understanding that the cabins sector along the east shore where all vacant. 

    On his first night, he is surprised t... more

  • The Stowaway: A Novel of Horror

    by Clyde Edwards
    Possessed by evil, with a secret and deadly mission... Kit Cabot, a young man with dreams of sailing the open seas, stows away on his beloved uncle’s vessel, only to find that his uncle has recently gained his own stowaway… a hidden entity. As they sail the Atlantic from Boston toward the West Indies, Kit realizes he is trapped in a nightmare with his childhood hero who is seemingly possessed by evil and has a secret, deadly mission. Kit wants to save his uncle, but the entity has other ide... more
  • Thane

    by Travis Daniel Bow

    An awkward fletcher's apprentice finds his calling in a brotherhood of elite rebel spies... until he discovers his leader's plot to betray them all.

  • Gangpire (Gangpire Trilogy) (Volume 1)

    by Sentu Taylor
    Life has never been a walk in the park for Tacoma. With a crack addict as a mother, and no father, he has been responsible to take care of his little sister Seattle since he was nine, while living in one of East Oakland's most notorious drug and gang infested neighborhoods. Every day is a struggle; they're forced to steal food, and have to rely on their street wits to survive. Lucky for them, Tacoma's best friend Raider's grandmother, Mama Marcella, shields them from getting detected by Social S... more
  • Starfall

    by W.A. Fulkerson
    The day an Ungifted witnesses his star fall from the heavens is a moment that shapes the rest of his life. Finding one’s star means choosing a gift, and having a gift means a better life- especially for Ducasus and Malleus. Born into slavery on a Flare’s plantation, the twin brothers spent their youth watching the sky, waiting, wishing, hoping for the day when their ticket to freedom might come. When it does, it is nothing like either of them ever expected. Starfall is an exciting, adventure-fil... more
  • Danika's Planet

    by Debbie DiCaprio

    Danika's Planet is a story about a young girl who makes one serious mistake that lands her in a world of trouble. The result is that she ends up alone on a starship with seven hijackers, with little hope of ever returning home. It's a faith building story with out of the world adventure!

  • The Caine File

    by Angela Ciccolo

    In Leesburg, Virginia during the 1980s, Detective Roger Luby responds to the discovery of a carefully folded human skin in the garage of a military memorabilia collector.


    Decades later, Luby stands in the Leesburg jail, confronted with two suicides and a skinned corpse. The three victims' connection to the prominent Charleroi family only complicates matters.


    Young Sam Charleroi is the focal point in an ecclesiastic sex scandal. Tasked with Sam's exorcism, an unwill... more

  • Holier Than Thou (The Tome of Bill Book 4)

    by Rick Gualtieri
    There are reasons the undead fear the night... Bill Ryder - gamer, geek, and legendary vampire - has woman troubles. The girl he wants is deadly to him. The girl who wants him is deadly to everyone else. He's trapped in the most lethal love triangle he can imagine and it's only going to get worse. On the eve of war, The Icon - ancient foe of the vampire race - has arisen. Panic is about to break out within the undead ranks and Bill is caught smack dab in the middle of it. Destiny has place... more
  • Bigfoot Hunters

    by Rick Gualtieri
    Evolution is about to be kicked in the teeth by some very large feet. When Harrison Kent suggests a camping trip to the dense forests of Colorado, his friends are all eager for a little adventure. What awaits them, though, is far more than they bargained for. They learn that Sasquatch is real, but these are not the shy creatures that legends speak of. A madness has claimed them, erasing their once-peaceful nature and leaving in its place a ravenous horde of monsters - one that's about to d... more
  • Bill The Vampire (The Tome of Bill Book 1)

    by Rick Gualtieri
    There are reasons we fear the night. He isn't one of them. Bill Ryder was a dateless dweeb...then he died. Unfortunately for him that was just the beginning of his troubles. He awoke to find himself a vampire, one of the legendary predators of the night. Sadly, fangs or not, he was still at the bottom of the food chain. Now he finds himself surrounded by creatures stronger, deadlier and a whole lot cooler than he is. Worst yet, they all want him dead...permanently this time. Bill isn't ... more
  • Song of the Fairy Queen

    by Valerie Douglas
    It's said of Fairy that if you're in dire need and you call their name they'll come. With his castle under siege and his young son in his arms, High King Oryan couldn't be in more dire need. With only his High Marshal, Morgan, and a handful of Morgan's men at his back, he has only one direction left to run...up. And only one ally to whom he can turn. Kyriay, the Queen of the Fairy.
  • Louis and the Ghost

    by henry brechter

    Historical fiction and paranormal Romotica

    “This book is a clever and unique blend of the supernatural and history—with a unique twist in that it exposes the Civil War immigrant soldiers’ plight. The careful research and historical fact are woven into a story that focuses on family and family relationships, giving it depth and soul. Also appealing are the episodes of Anton’s history in the Old World, and the fact that two veterans, 140 years apart, are &... more

  • Finding Sage

    by Logan Judy
    Finding Sage is a dystopian story about a future where some people, known as rogues, exhibit supernatural abilities. That’s not a good thing, however, because the global government hunts them down and executes them, imprisons them, or forces them to become assassins. Silas is such a rogue. He lives day by day constantly paranoid about his chances of survival. So when a wide-eyed hobo offers him a solution to his problems, a mysterious man who the U.N. seems desperate to find, he follows, not hav... more
  • A Strange Life: A NIck Crowell Novella (Volume 1)

    by frank zubek
    NIck Crowell is a cop who, after surviving getting shot in the gut in a cemetery, encounters people who have strange problems.
  • A Tale of Witchwood Park

    by S.W. Develin
    Emily Spellmaker is missing. She didn’t return to Witchwood Park Elementary this year and Kendra, the shy little girl she befriended, is heartbroken. Kendra waits alone on the park bench after school each day until the Tuesday a troll walks out of the woods. He chooses Kendra, Jimmy (the school bully), and Daniel (an outcast) to come on a magical journey where they must overcome an evil queen and her Army of the Faceless to free an enslaved land. In the process they learn who they really are and... more
  • Danika's Planet

    by Debbie DiCaprio
    One terrible mistake leads Danika into a world of trouble. She snuck aboard her parent's starship and hid, not wanting to be left behind when her parents left for a ten day test flight. She came out of hiding hoping to surprise her parents, but discovers they and all the rest of the crew had been forcibly removed from the ship. Now, Danika is stranded aboard the starship with seven hostile hijackers and her only goal is to get back to earth and reunite with her family.