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  • Bound to the Abyss

    by James R. Vernon
    Ven Khalida is a land of magic and gods. Settlements abound, both large and small, each with a life of their own and hidden secrets. Except Rottwealth. A backwater village, surrounded by mountains and ignored by most, nothing of merit ever leaves the valley. Aside, of course, from the mystical plant which shares its name. A plant that can heal even the most dire wounds in a matter of moments, and flourishes within the swamp that takes up part of the valley. Ean Sangrave, a disgruntled ... more
  • Campus Chills

    by Mark Leslie
    Chilling tales born from the dark shadows of campuses across Canada. Prepare to have your blood run cold, your heart race and your brow bead with sweat: this anthology of horror stories ranges from the starkly terrifying to the tantilizingly creepy. There's magic mixed in with the chalk dust, evil lurking in the textbooks, malevolence biding its time in the labs and perhaps something even more horrifying in the student cafeteria. Edited by Mark Leslie and introduced by Robert J. Sawyer, Ca... more
  • One Hand Screaming

    by Mark Leslie
    A bookstore that hides more than dusty old tomes among its shelves . . . a phantom limb that can reach into the next world . . . a comic that colors lives with terror . . . graves unable to hold their content . . . a collector of haunted artifacts who gets more than he bargains for . . . a deserted northern highway that brings back a man's worst childhood fears . . . a multitude of unleashed horrors on All Hallows Eve . . . an encounter with the bogeyman . . . and more . . . This collection of c... more
  • The Rise of the Phoenix

    by Massimo Marino
    In a dark future, a first contact and an alien colonization changes forever the destiny of the race of man. Aliens have regenerated a new, transgenic species of humans called the Selected. The first contact with the aliens led to the apocalypse--Daimones Trilogy Vol.1--and then put the seeds for a galactic upheaval, space wars againts aliens, and galactic empires struggles. The last humans--the 'spared ones'--have all died but Hope, the second of Dan Amenta's human daughters, though she's living... more
  • Once Humans (Daimones Trilogy)

    by Massimo Marino

    Winner 2013 PRG Best in Sci-Fi Series, Reviewer's Choice Award

    5-stars. Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite (

    4-stars. San Francisco Book Review Magazine - "Once Humans" continues the complexity of the "Daimones Trilogy", plunging the reader deeper and deeper into the inferno of a story, giving some answers, but also posing more questions and wonders.&... more

  • Daimones (Daimones Trilogy)

    by Massimo Marino

    Editorial Reviews

    • Finalist in Science Fiction for National Indie Excellence Awards 2014
    • Hall of Fame in Science Fiction 2013 - Quality Reads UK Book Club
    • Winner of PRG 2013 Reviewer's Choice Award in Sci-Fi Series
    • Winner of PRG 2012 Reviewer's Choice Award in Sci-Fi
    • 5-stars Review from NYT int... more
  • This Corner of the Universe

    by Britt Ringel
    The mission of BRS Anelace was supposed to be simple and uneventful… When Anelace is sent to investigate the accidents plaguing mining operations in a remote star system, Captain Garrett Heskan and his officers soon suspect more than random mishaps are in play. As clues to the mystery unfold, the stakes quickly turn deadly in a cat-and-mouse game to expose the true threat while protecting the civilian miners in the system. Heskan's first command could be his last, as Anelace is outnumbered a... more
  • Mortal Enchantment

    by Stacey O'Neale

    “Mortal Enchantment spins a unique twist on elemental mythology. This series is not to be missed.” Jennifer L. Armentrout, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

    In Kalin Matthew's world, elementals control the forces of nature. They are divided into four courts: air, woodland, fire, and water. At sixteen she will leave the life she's built with her mortal mother. Kalin will move to Avalon to rule with her father—the elemental king of the air court. Along the way... more

  • The Shadow Prince: The Prequel to Mortal Enchantment

    by Stacey O'Neale

    "Filled with betrayal and intrigue, THE SHADOW PRINCE is a dark and twisty novella from an exciting new author!" 
    Katee Robert, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author 

    Sixteen-year-old Rowan has spent most of his life living among the mortals—learning to control the element of fire, impatiently awaiting the day his vengeful mother, Queen Prisma, will abdicate her throne. When he finally returns to Avalon for his coronation, his mother insists he m... more

  • Wish You Weren't

    by Sherrie Petersen
    Marten doesn't believe in the power of wishes. None of his have ever come true. So when he makes an impulsive wish during a meteor shower, he doesn't expect it to make any difference. Until his annoying little brother disappears. With the present uncertain and his brother’s future in limbo, Marten finds himself stuck in his past. And if he runs out of time, even wishes might not be enough to save the ones he loves.
  • Storykiller

    by Kelly Thompson

    The monster under the bed is real.

    In fact, all the monsters are real, as well as the heroes and everything in between because all Fiction is real and exists in a dimension called Story. However, plenty of them hang out in the Mortal world, living both innocent and nefarious lives. This might not mean much to the average Mortal unaware of the Fictional characters living among them, but for The Last Scion--the only Mortal that can kill those Fictional characters--things are about to beco... more

  • A Vampire at Christmas

    by Anthony Renfro
    A short story about a vampire who uses his riches and vampiric skills to bring joy to those in need during the holiday season.
  • The Magnum Opus: A Dark Steampunk Tale

    by Deina Furth
    A must-read for fans of the steampunk genre, this dark novelette is a look at how love can quickly become tainted by madness. Brooding, melancholy, and a little twisted, the story delves into the curious life of Rastigan, an eccentric engineer who desires companionship more than anything in the world. But Rastigan doesn't seek connection with human beings--rather, he creates mechanical dolls to fulfill his need for interaction. When he finally builds his greatest creation to date, he thinks he's... more
  • The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore and the Secret Traps

    by Kate Maddison

    Sixteen-year-old Charlotte Sycamore lives in Buckingham Palace and is hiding her secret identity. Surrounded by scientific inventions and mechanical creatures of Victorian London, she is wanted by Scotland Yard for stealing medical supplies from the Queen to treat the poor of London. When two royal horses are stolen, a reward is placed on Charlotte's head. Fighting the confusing feelings she has for her daring ally, Peter, Charlotte must lead her friends through the gaslit streets to... more

  • Fun City

    by Thomas A. Ryerson
    It's the year 2061 and the world is a better place. The citizens of the Unified People's Commonwealth enjoy a stress free life. Belinda Parry tries to never take her utopian society for granted. Life is good, if not a little boring. Out of the blue, the Municipal Authority decides that Belinda needs to relax and get away from it all. Enter the New Outlook Center, known better by the slang term of Fun City. Forty-four acres of soul searching recreation. Just what Belinda needs, right? Medicine ha... more
  • The Last Girl on Earth

    by Tom Ryerson
    Do opposites really attract? Steve Hart was a computer geek, while Clare Lomas could have been a cheerleader if her mother would have permitted her. Clare was socially adept, emotional and just a little temperamental; while Steve was practical, nerdy and a technical whiz kid. Both teens lived in Dayton OH, and attended the same High School, sharing many of the same grade 12 classes. Steve has had a crush on Clare since the beginning of school, while at the same time she was barely aware of his... more