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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Little Toy Car

    by Gabe Oliver
    ★★★★★ NOW, AN AWARD WINNING STORY! ★★★★★ Follow Gene through this psychological coming of age novel on his journey to discover the meaning of it all, while maneuvering through the unexpected trials of life. From the hardship of a broken home, through the mental struggles of a religious sect. The unexpected twists and turns in this book will command the attention of its readers. The highs and lows of this inspiring story will make it hard to put down. Discover the significance of the LITTLE TOY ... more
  • All I Ever Wanted

    by Jamal Roberson
    We think we always know what our desires are; sometimes we go wrong when we don't know what they are. But we only scratch the surface; it's not until we are without our desires met that we truly see all that we ever want.
  • In the Night

    by Taylor Wright

    How do you make peace with the dead? Daniel Sawyer has grappled with this question ever since his brother Jake was murdered. At university, Daniel feels displaced and directionless, and is trying to come to terms with Jake’s death. He questions what led his brother to drug dealing and addiction, where did it all go wrong between them? Daniel, however, is coming dangerously close to drug addiction himself, unable to cope with school and social anxiety, resorting to pain killers on nights... more

  • Cooperative Living

    by Jeff Namian
    Love thy neighbor? If you live in New York, think twice. I know the guy who dusts in the nude across the street better than 5G. (I’m 5F) We waived. In the city, that constitutes a date. Cooperative Living explores survival techniques and situations unique to life in New York City.
  • McCann

    by John Benacre
    This collection of short stories is the first of three such volumes which compliment the novel “Easter, Smoke and Mirrors” and its sequel, “Shape, Shine and Shadow”. It concerns the life, times and upbringing of Michael McCann, the central character of the novels, who becomes a totally unknown and untraceable deep-cover Irish terrorist living and working in the heart of London. It spans the years from 1968 and the earliest rumblings of the ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland, to 2015 and a resurg... more

    by Ned Claflin
    It was an old man’s last request. An international cadre of seers is dying out. Their informal leader Farid, close to death, has advice for one of them, Adele LaRoche, the modern-day Sibyl of Cumae living in Paris. She should seek the help of Brownie, a retired antique dealer in Los Angeles and current Patron Saint of Lost Causes. Adele only manages to write Brownie a letter requesting help, just before vanishing without a trace. The seers’ fate will lead them from a Mediterranean island... more
  • The Legend of the Solstice (Modern Mythos Book 1)

    by Lauren Evers
    GROWING UP IS REALIZING YOU MIGHT NOT BE ALL THAT HUMAN . . . Thousands of miles apart, three strangers share nothing but a birthday. Deep down, they harbor a secret that will kill them if they don’t remember it in time. After Ethan, Isolde, and Ridley celebrate their twentieth birthdays on the winter solstice, they begin to develop frightening powers that none of them understand. In the midst of bizarre, worldwide storms, Ethan meets a magical girl who claims to understand him, Ridley has... more
  • The Bequest: The Enhanced Edition

    by Nicolette Linden
    Upon turning thirty, a woman receives a package containing two documents forbidden to her since her teens-her foretold bequest. Stunned by what she reads, she gives up her career to pursue getting this material published! She must. Now she is tasked with devising a narrative arc to bridge these documents but, to frame them properly, she finds it necessary to create a spiral lattice of interwoven perspectives. Emotionally riveting, The Bequest is also an intellectual feast, filled with quiet li... more
  • A White Elephant for Christmas

    by Ashley Edwards
    Dego is so excited for his family’s Christmas party, but he has one big problem. He needs to find a white elephant! With the help of his family and, of course, his favorite pup, Dego will go on a quest for his own white elephant for Christmas. Comment by President Lyndon B. Johnson to the Greek ambassador - June 1964 1974 - the height of the Cold War. U.S. listening posts surround the Soviet Union eavesdropping on virtually every Russian radio communication. Operated by White House staff, mann... more
  • Ophelia the Californian Sea Otter

    by Tori Busto
    In this children’s book, come along for the adventure of the Trio of Otters. This group of friends has a fun-filled day, meeting new friends, fishing, and seeing the ballet in San Francisco! A story of a magical day filled with happiness.
  • Ashley

    by Robert E. Bryant
    Born in Royston (Franklin County), Georgia, Robert E. Bryant moved to Greenwood, South Carolina in 1958 and has called this quiet Southern town home ever since. He has been interested in aviation all of his life and began flying when he was just twenty-nine years old. Later, at age forty-one, he received his pilot’s license (the same month his daughter, Yvette, received hers). Though he is a welder and welding instructor by vocation, he is certainly a pilot by avocation. His experience with avia... more
  • 1800160011

    by Bastian Gregory
    Aboard the Timeline follows the journey of Pete, an ordinary boy who is struggling with boredom and monotony at school. He gets more excitement than he bargained for when time suddenly stops around him and he is inexplicably greeted by a talking dinosaur called Reginald at the classroom door. Trying to figure out what has happened, the two of them embark on a journey of adventure and discovery. They meet Philosophocles, an ancient Greek thinker and the three companions travel along the Time Line... more
  • Becoming Calm

    by Khrysanta Marei
    Handling and navigating big emotions like anger is a frustrating and stressful experience for a child. There are coping strategies that will enable them to feel better; however, awareness and a better understanding of their emotions and how they can successfully overcome them in a healthy way is key to having a better relationship with other people. Discover the list of our development books for kids to educate and inspire them on topics such as confidence, resilience, emotional literacy, str... more
  • Speaking Of

    by Mary Murphy
    16 diverse stories and poems for the I-can't-commit-to-a-novel reader. Wander back to a simpler, but more secretive, time when Neala meets Imogen and unspoken love unfolds over a lifetime. Meet our future selves, resisting globalized government control and a world of hologram consciences that want independence. Follow a charlatan from her humble mining town beginnings to her unceremonious career-ending visit from an old friend. Delight in a painter’s dreamscape of swans, and the bickering bant... more
  • Mrs. Franchy's Evil Ring And The Six Months That Changed Everything

    by Johanny Ortega
    Isla Delgado is a nine-year-old Dominican-American girl who draws all those things she rather not say and who’s been wronged by some she trusted. So when Isla’s mom sends her to live with her dad and new S-Mom for six months, she can’t help but envision the worst horror movie ever created, and who can blame her? A spooky street, a creaky house, and the wind that won’t stop warning her: DANGER! All the red flags are there. This means Isla must figure out a way to ask all the questions she hasn’t,... more
  • Zhane The Boy Train

    After Zhane and his friends won the championship basketball game they decided to walk home in the rain. It was a Friday night. Zhane always carries his lucky train with him. As he was walking home at 8:22pm he was struck by lightning. He falls to the ground and looks up to the sky. He sees a shooting star and prays that he doesn’t die. His prayers were answered. He didn’t die; he became a boy train. Now in order for him to return to a boy he has to go to different historical places, find o... more