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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Pablo Learns Patience and Pickleball/Pablo Aprende Paciencia Y Pickleball: An English/Spanish Story for Children

    by John W. Coburn

    Pablo Learns Patience and Pickleball … is the fourth in a series of children’s stories masterfully designed by the author to meet two primary goals. The first is to aid Spanish-speaking children in their pursuit of English, and English-speaking children in their pursuit of Spanish. The second is to draw parents and children closer together in a storyteller’s world -- a world they can easily imagine and build on. Filled with drama, fairy tales, excitement, and adventure, the... more

  • A Brooklyn Saga

    by Carolyn Angiolillo and Ronald Joseph Kule
    As our protagonist, Angelina Carpello views life from her stoop on Conselyea Avenue in Williamsburg Brooklyn (1950-60-70s), elements of Mob mentality, Catholic Church vagaries, and Old-World Italian culture mold her into a young woman with more questions than answers about her survival. When a Chinese farm boy with a tragic past, Wengchan Liang, now grown and a runner/hitman for the Mafia, meets her, their collision course not only rescues her from a life-threatening, contentious situation but ... more
  • A Friend Like Filby

    by Mark Wakely
    George has been fascinated with the idea of time travel ever since the unexpected death of his mother when he was ten, and hopes someday to find a friend like Filby, the forever loyal friend of the time traveler in the 1960 movie The Time Machine. George’s two closest high school friends, Dave and Nancy (nickname Onion), struggle at times to understand his odd obsession as they deal with issues of their own both in and out of school. The story takes place during the three friends’ tumultuous sen... more
  • 9781665526937

    by Gramps Jeffrey
    When does a toddler start to learn right from wrong? What happens in a family that influences a decision going through a young mind? "I Don't Want to Turn 3" explores the interaction between family that is happening in just about every household in the world. At what age do you begin to take responsibility for your actions? Is it 3 or 13 or 23 or even maybe 63...
  • The Die Is Cast

    by Heights & Woodhouse
    Everyone imagines being the hero in an adventure story. But what if you were suddenly caught up in one? Could you act the hero? What if your actions cast you as the betrayer? Maybe the difference between the two is a bit . . . murky. Filmmakers Ray Cozart and Natalie Ashbrook want to be lovers in a passionate romance. Retail heiress Jane Whitaker wants to be the foremost crusader for global justice. Archaeologist Adam Burke wants to be the scholar who unlocks the greatest mystery. An ancient ... more
  • A Lost Woman

    by Ann Brooks
    Lillie Crawford is dying. Her mind slowly succumbing to the ruthlessness of Alzheimer's, Lillie's remaining time on Earth is predicted to be a slow and difficult journey. But if you ask Norah, her mother's death could not come soon enough. Haunted by memories of the years of abuse she suffered at Lillie's hand, Norah left her mother and started a new life as soon as she was old enough. And twenty-one years later, even after that new life falls apart, the last thing Norah wants to do is go hom... more
  • Cama: Your Special Friend

    by Cheryl Beck
    Introducing Cama: Your Special Friend, a unique little elephant who mysteriously arrives just when she is needed most. In this collection of stories, readers will meet memorable characters from diverse backgrounds who are facing relatable struggles. Cama shows up with magical surprises while helping the characters, and the readers, find and express their own inner strengths to overcome life’s challenges. Cama is the special friend you will wish for your children and grandchildren.
  • The Story You Tell Yourself

    by Lisa Attanasio
    Martin Kahan is a small-time grifter and master of self-deceit who one day, by chance, stumbles upon his doppelgänger on the street. So begins the title novella in this collection of stories by Lisa Attanasio, but what will Martin do, and what has he really seen? Martin is among many characters in this collection—from the title novella to the 17 stories that follow—who find their lives upended a result of circumstances, or more complicitly, life choices: an aloof zookeeper who enlists the he... more
  • Lachesis' Allotment

    by Diana Morris
    This book is made up of short essays and screenplay. It dives into the nature of friendship and relationships that we form throughout our life. The main theme of this book is the way those various connections shape us, for better and for worse.
  • Your Special Name

    by Amanda McDonald Sheff
    This children's book was inspired by Amanda's three angels Billy Mac, Samuel, and Stella Grace. Your Special Name encourages kids of all ages to embrace the history and excitement in their name and respect and connect with the potential meaning of others names. With expressive illustrations and bits of humor, it will be a book loved ones will always remember.
  • The Haunted Soul Brother: Summoned

    by Clarence M. Allen
    The Haunted soul Brother is a Monster and Creature who have evolved into a haunted life form and has been “Summoned” by many of those brutalized, raped, enslaved and even murdered victims in life who lay in their grave. Many of these murdered victims have become restless, yearning, and silently screaming while they lay in their graves throughout the years and centuries and they have begun to “Summoned” for something and for someone to come because at the time of their demise there was no one who... more
  • Noah, No!

    by Kristen Cornell

    Noah, No! is the story of a mischievous little boy and the many ways he drives his family bonkers...all while earning their love and adoration. This playful and delightful book chronicles the explorative phase of a toddler's life from the perspective of an older sibling. Noah, No! is a humourous board book with colourful illustrations and repetition that both kids and parents will love reading again and again.

  • Exploratory Tales

    by Laura Clementz
    One story that intertwines two fables set in nature. Fables with a fresh perspective that will pull you in with unique adventures, then leave you enlightened. In a world of magical realism, Mikita must make a choice. Should she continue on the path they have groomed her for and become the next spiritual leader of the village? Her question leads her on an exploratory to discover who she is inside and her unique path. Then there is Gareth. He struggles to reach new heights in his creativity as an ... more
  • Fifty Year Old Tryst

    by Robert Cherny
    In an old man’s worst nightmare, the FBI drops two little girls, products of a fifty-year-old tryst, into the custody of a retired small-town attorney while exploiting their mothers for an investigation into an international crime syndicate.
  • Butcher Boy Rebellion

    by Robert Cherny
    Standing in the blood of the man who tried to kill him, the boy, almost a man, froze, horrified at what he had done. The head, separated from the body, lay face down in the forest undergrowth. Blood flowed from the open neck onto the mat of decaying leaves. There had been no time. There had been no time to think. No time to plan. Only one would walk away from that confrontation in the woods. The boy had gotten the better of this man who had killed many before him. When the woman, dressed to ble... more
  • To The Last Silver

    by Durga Devi G
    The story is set in fifteen century in a fictional city Rithvabhor.It is bestowed with silver.Slowly twins from a neighboring city who are self motived to use the wealth ,tries to rule the city as they wish.Unexpectedly Nivriniya becomes the queen. After that there are many secrets unveiled with the help of the legacy of the city's renowned scientist.AT last how the city safeguards itself from the verge of destruction and how it flourishes is the story all about. HIstorical stories deal with ... more