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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Broken Bell

    by Alan Kennedy
    “It won’t do. It’s no fun at all being explorers with somebody running about seeing you’re alright all the time. It spoils things. We’re not children … well, I suppose we are … but you know what I mean. It’s awful not knowing what it is they’re up to.” When Uncle Albert arranges a holiday for the children he thinks he is looking after them. But things don’t always turn out quite the way you expect. An idyllic holiday starts to go wrong, leading to a dramatic climax set on a remote i... more
  • The Boat in the Bay

    by Alan Kennedy
    Alan Kennedy’s first novel, an affectionate homage to Arthur Ransome, re-issued in a completely revised edition. It is July 1929. Four children arrive for a boating holiday to find themselves locked out, the lake flooded and their boat inaccessible. But they soon discover that is only the beginning of things. Minor mishaps slowly become more threatening. Trivial decisions turn out to have distant and dreadful consequences. Problems that appear solved gradually change to something more seri... more
  • The Church of the Comic Spirit

    by Paul Wiebe

    One evening Father Alazon Lechlieb, an impostor with a mysterious past, appears on “Lenny Prince Live” and astounds America with an incredible tale of how, over a period of thirty years, he received a series of divine revelations on the shores of Bear Lake, bordering Idaho and Utah. These revelations, he reports, were delivered by God-sent angels. They instructed him, he goes on, to find and translate a set of twelve scrolls, then choose four disciples to help him interpret these ... more

  • Pearl Weaver's Epic Apology

    by Rachel Keener

    Pearl Weaver is obsessed with stories. When loss leaves her reeling, Pearl seeks peace from the writing lessons of her father, a brilliant Southern writer. If you don’t like something, he taught, cross it out and choose a better plot. Although his lesson was intended for ink and paper, Pearl uses it to choose a new life for herself, straight from the pages of classic literature. Soon she discovers that what’s perfectly poised within a masterpiece, is disastrous in... more

  • The Canary Club (The Canary Club Novels)

    by Sherry D. Ficklin
    Seventeen-year-old 'Bad Luck' Benny is a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Recently released from jail, he's determined to care for his ailing sister and the rest of his struggling family. He'll do anything to make ends meet―even if that means taking a position with a notorious crime boss. Quickly in over his head, he finds himself falling for the one dame on earth he should stay away from, but his determination to save the wayward canary just might get them killed. Masie, the daughter o... more
  • Kobee Manatee: Shipwreck Sea Friends

    by Robert Scott Thayer


    Kobee Manatee and his pals, Tess the seahorse and Pablo the hermit crab are en route to Puerto Rico to explore the SS Antonio Lopez, a historic shipwreck from the 1898 Spanish-American War. The ship sits underwater about seven miles west of San Juan. On their Caribbean adventure, they meet several new sea friends, including a whale shark, an octopus, and a moray eel. But as Kobee and his buddies begin their thrilling exploration of the wreck, Kobee gets trapped ... more

  • Martha's Sister, Beloved Prodigal

    by Patricia Annalee Kirk
  • A Fruity Fable

    by Cass Maenius
    A Fruity Fable is a humorous story about feuding fruits who overcome fear and adversity through accepting each other, embracing the unknown, sharing ideas, and remembering to bring joy to their experience. In doing so, they remember that each other's differences bring unique qualities to their world, as the characters realize they can all agree on the value of a positive attitude and friendship. *Fun, colorful, nutrient-filled, fruit superfood recipes included!
  • American Boomer: Coming of Age in the 50s

    by William May
    AMERICAN BOOMER captures the humorous side of coming of age during the late 1950’s. Enjoy many laughs as a young man tries to stay one step ahead of his parents, teachers, and the law, only to end up two or three steps behind. When the mysteries of religion, sex, and the world around him are rationalized within an immature mind and a wild imagination. American Boomer is a fun read meant to take you back to when the world moved at a much slower pace, cause you to smile often, and on occasion, mak... more
  • The Mark

    by Eric Grissom
    AS DARKNESS FALLS on the forest, a young trapper finds herself too far from the walls of her village to make the journey home. Instead, she decides to brave the cold, dark night alone in the mysterious woods. Unable to find fuel for her fire, she turns to an ancient, hallowed tree. A tree that her people have sworn to never touch. And never, ever, burn. The Mark is the story of what happens when that vow is broken.
  • Bye Bye Easter Bunny

    by Sylvia Lane
    Miss Biddy and all the chickens in the coop are tired of bunnies getting all the credit for Easter. They are not sitting down and taking it any more. They have a plan. It's time for a revolution! Bunnies beware-the chickens are taking over!
  • Crash Course: Volunteer Patriots Confront Deadly Terrorists

    by John Gordon
    CRASH COURSE is the story of three disaffected twenty-somethings and determined terrorist wannabes from Des Moines who intend to carry out a large-scale attack on San Francisco. They know the best day and the most effective method to create massive casualties and a long-term ecological disaster. Only Colin Hennessy, a downtrodden vagabond writer and a small flotilla of aging Coast Guard volunteers led by Jackson Boyd are positioned to thwart the Iowans’ plans. But the odds greatly favor the terr... more
  • Dead White Male

    by Paul Wiebe
    This is a humorous novel with large dollops of fantasy. In it, a high school English teacher discovers he is Shakespeare reincarnate. Wife and daughter unconvinced; pastor has serious doubts. Only his grandson maintains a simple, childlike faith.
  • Hometown Home Run (Based on a True Story)

    by J. Frederick Weiss
    Murdock Nolan was a fine young man living and working in the small Ohio town of Stone Harbour, which is nestled just south of Lake Erie’s western shoreline. Stone Harbour and its residents were special to Murdock as he had grown up just outside of the town on a farm with his father, mother, and brother. The country’s 200th year anniversary was fast approaching and he felt in his heart that the events he was planning could lift the spirits of the town’s people. It was his plan but the communit... more
  • Nursery Rhymes for Nice Little Mice

    by Sylvia Lane
    The Nursery Rhymes in this wonderfully illustrated book include may of those we all learned as small children, traditional nursery rhymes that have survived decades and even centuries and some rhymes were created by Grandma Mouse. All nursery rhymes in this book are illustrated for and read to all the little mice in our lives that love story time.