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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Old Flames and Brimstone

    by Mark Croswell

    Edwin Kranz is a wealthy, difficult, eighty year old man who thrives on being annoyed. After recovering from a minor stroke, he realizes he isn’t getting any younger and devises a plan to retain his independence and be looked after at the same time.

    Edwin’s only child, Ellie Mintzer, is a disgruntled nurse in her fifties who always craved his attention. She only knows him from weekend visits and short vacations during her childhood, but it’s been a few years since she&... more

  • The Book of David

    by Kate L. Mary

    Her life has never been her own…

    Neglected by her mother, abused by her stepfather, and trapped in an oppressive cult, Willow Sands has lived the past three years with the shadow of her fifteenth birthday hanging over her. That was the day her mother handed her over to David, the son of their leader, promising her a future even more bleak than she’d ever imagined. Now, three years later, with her eighteenth birthday and the day of her wedding fast approaching, she’s a... more

  • Earwigs in the Sink: a short story

    by Tracey Lapham White
    It starts with only one, but they're insidious. She knows they are here to do one thing; destroy her.
  • It All Comes Back to You: A Book Club Recommendation!

    by Beth Duke
    Alabama, 1947. War's over, cherry-print dresses, parking above the city lights, swing dancing. Beautiful, seventeen-year-old Violet lives in a perfect world. Everybody loves her. In 2012, she's still beautiful, charming, and surrounded by admirers. Veronica "Ronni" Johnson, licensed practical nurse and aspiring writer, meets the captivating Violet in the assisted living facility where Violet requires no assistance, just lots of male attention. When she dies, she leaves Ronni a very genero... more
  • Chips a Hometown Hero

    by Nancy M. West
    Chips is a curious and carefree dog until news arrives that Japanese warplanes have bombed Pear Harbor. Suddenly Chips's comfortable life, and the lives of everyone he knows in his peaceful little village are changed forever. Follow Chips as he is enlisted in Dogs for Defense and joins the first war dog detachment to be shipped overseas into some of the fiercest fighting of the Second World War. A fictional account based on the true-life adventures of the most highly decorated dog ... more
  • All in

    by L. K. Simonds
    Cami Taylor: a blackjack dealer, a bestselling author, and a fraud. Cami's boyfriend, Joel, loves her in spite of her flaws. He wants to marry her, buy a house on Long Island, and raise a family--a life that's a million miles from Cami's idea of happiness. Her therapist suggests compromise and trust, but Cami bolts like a deer. She breaks off the relationship and launches on a new quest for happiness, not knowing that a nasty surprise waits around the corner. What follows is a fight to the de... more
  • The Lightning Field

    by Mark James Montgomery
    Thriller… Love Story… Sparks Will Fly Recently paroled, heroic but rootless, Neal Carver is traveling the western states on a vintage motorcycle, a legacy from another drifter -- his father. After winning a poker game the bike is stolen by a murderous couple, and in attempting to regain it, Neal narrowly escapes with his life, only to be struck by lightning while crossing the badlands. He recovers and resumes his quest, but is now unexpectedly burdened with an autistic boy who has a strange ... more
  • Portrait of a Stranger

    by Rose Brookins
    “How do you draw a portrait of a stranger? We’re not photographers, going around snatching things in an instant as we please. You have to look and look, and by the time you’re done looking the person is hardly a stranger anymore, are they?” CHARLIE is lost in his own life. At twenty years old, his single act of rebellion has been to convince his parents to let him go to art school. Everything else, though, is a bit of a mess. He is good at art but doesn’t know what he wants from it. He’s not... more
  • Journey to Cloud City

    by Eliot Kersgaard
    Journey to Cloud City by Myra Makes is your child’s portal to a magical world of adventure and creativity! In the Myra Makes adventure, kids join Myra as she meets new friends and creates solutions to the challenges that come up along the way. The activities found in the book, developed over three years with feedback from kids, parents, and educators, are a fun way for kids to develop their creative, problem solving, and emotional skills. With over 60 pages of story and activities, Journey to Cl... more
  • South of Little Rock

    by George Rollie Adams
    South of Little Rock is a story of love, hate, fear, and courage as residents of a small town in southern Arkansas deal with social change in 1957. Sam Tate is a white widower who dotes on his two children and has not given much thought to how black people live. He only wants to play baseball with them. Becky Reeves is an unmarried northerner who ignores a warning from her mother and comes south to teach. Ida Belle Tate is a strong-willed woman who loves quilting and helping raise her grandchild... more
  • Henry Winterbottom and the Feeling Rainbow

    by Samanta Moise
    “Henry Winterbottom and the Feeling Rainbow” is an illustrated children’s book written by Jen B. Wild and illustrated by Day. The book is designed to help children understand emotions by reading about Henry's experience with a colorful spectrum of feelings. Through his adventures, Henry Winterbottom learns about the experience of emotions in a way that is easy for children to understand. Henry and his wild imagination are brought to life with vivid illustrations that pop off the page. This book ... more
  • Bright Days and Dark

    by John S. Wilson
    It’s 1974 and seven-year-old John has a big dream, to be a popular singing star. His dream is about to come true. But he is also about to discover all that glitters is not gold and sometimes dreams have a dark side. Come along with John on a ride through the 1970s music scene for some laughs, and a few tears too.
  • Babu and Bina at the Ghost Party

    by P. Tomar

    Are your kid's fans of spooky ghost stories, exotic adventures and making new friends?

    Kids will be intrigued by a story starring a fresh new set of characters, Babu and Bina, two curious elephant children! It's time to let your kids explore an exciting story with their imaginations!

    When these two curious elephant kids get themselves trapped in an isolated cavern, they stumble upon the ancient ghost of a great Maharaja, the king! Instead... more

  • The Unexpected Journeys of Lawrence Tyrone

    by A. K. Blackman

    “A hard-drinking man. A dented Harley. A detour to an unexpected future.” Professor Lawrence Tyrone didn’t have a drinking problem – or an obsession with his ex-wife – until he discovered she was marrying his brother. When crashing the wedding with disastrous results leaves him divorced for a second time, unemployed and close to rock-bottom, Tyrone moves to the country, buys a Harley and starts taking riding lessons from a secretive Polish expat. Isolated out in ... more

  • Of Knights and Dogfights

    by Ellie Midwood
    “Has it ever occurred to you, Johann; the fact that we’re fighting on the wrong side?” Austria, 1938 On the verge of the most devastating war of all times, four young men found themselves sharing a room in a flying school dormitory. A bohemian Berliner, a Flieger-Hitlerjugend member, a prodigy pilot, and a butcher’s son, with nothing in common but their love for the Luftwaffe and the freedom the sky has to offer. The bond they develop is put to the test by what might be a stronger adversar... more
  • A Christmas Carol (With Audio Christmas Carols)

    by Norman Whaler


    Charles Dickens' beloved Christmas holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, is retold in verse and beautifully illustrated by Bianca Milacic. It is a story to remind us all of the real meaning of Christmas... and that a changed heart can change the world!

    (Christmas, Holiday, Classics, Multimedia, Narrated, Christmas Carols, Gift Book, Picture Book, Also in Hardcover and Spanish Ed... more